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we understand that

 It's all about relationships



For Lab 2 Graduates Only


Opening the Front Door, Closing the Back Door of your Church

Has your church struggled with members coming in the front door and then out the back? 

What are benefits to your church?

  • Up to 82% of inactive church members will re-engaged in church using these listening and caring skills (LeadPlus)

  • Provide a personalized approach to evangelism and discipleship

  • Increase member participation

  • Reduce church conflict


Interested in Opening the Front Door/Closing the Back Door of Your Church?

For more information on attending or sponsoring an Opening the Front Door/Closing the Back Door of Your Church conference, contact LEADPlus at admin@leadplus.com or call 678 464-6200.

What you will learn?

  •  How to identify signs of dropping-out and develop methods to prevent it.

  • Ways to engage the unchurched and dropped-out members and re-engage them in the church.

  • Rapport building skills.

  • Strategic listening and communication skills to bridge relationship gaps.

  • Advanced story listening skills to hear the deep hurts and personal concerns that prevent people from engaging in the church. 

  • Choosing and sharing a Biblical matching   story.

  • Role negotiation model as a means to assimilate and establish healthy relationships.

  • Ways to anchor and confirm commitments



 Margaret Slusher,
President of LEADPlus

Margaret is working towards her PhD at Kennesaw State University (GA)

What others are saying about Margaret:

 "What I learned from Margaret in a one day group seminar about understanding and presenting myself to others in the most connectable ways possible and how to begin to learn to understand the many ways other people communicate in non-verbal ways to me and to others continues to be some of the most profound learning that has continued to change my life." Earl Gray, Connections Pastor at The Church at Severn Run.


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