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Story Evangelism

LEAD Plus provides professional expertise in the following areas (to find out about a particular area, just click it on).

*Communication Skills

*Conflict Management

*Problem Solving

*Team Building

*Dealing w/ Transition


*Spirituality &  Prayer

*Emotional Intelligence

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming Skills


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Manuals (these products can only be ordered by Lab II Graduates)    

Listening and Caring Skills Manual (Lab 1)

Strategic Communication Skills Manual (Student) $45.00
Listening and Caring Skills Manual for Leader (Lab 2) $95.00
Certificates for Lab 1 $1.00
Books by John Savage    
Listening & Caring Skills        $15.00
Why Active Members Stay Active $30.00
Life Commandments                     $30.00
Neuro-Linguistic Programming $30.00
Story Listening  $30.00
Dealing with Emotions        $30.00
Drop Out Track  $30.00
Dealing with Emotions $12.50
Closure  $12.50
Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (two CD's) $15.00
Drop Out Track $12.50
Role Renegotiation Model $12.50
Life Commandments $12.50
Story Listening $12.50
Why Active Members Stay Active $12.50
Congregational Corporate Pain $12.50
Teaching Materials: Must be Lab 2 Graduate to Order (on CD)    
PowerPoint Presentation $75.00
Posters (9) $75.00

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