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To assist you in teaching Lab I, we have developed two materials.  One is a CD with the PowerPoint presentation on it and the other is a set of posters. (If you want to see a larger copy, just click on the picture.  It will open in Adobe Acrobat.  Click on this link to obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat)  To order go to Order Form




Productive Questions


Drop Out Track


Role Renegotiation

Perception Check


Behavior Description


Interpersonal Gap





Available Products

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At the bottom of this page are other recommended books

which can be directly ordered


Listening & Caring Skills Manual

   The Lab

This is the manual to be used in the conference called

Listening & Caring Skills

(It can only be ordered by a Lab II Graduate)

Strategic Communication Skills Manual


This is the manual to be used in the conference called

Strategic Communication Skills

(It can only be ordered by a Lab II Graduate)


Certificates for those that complete

Listening & Caring Skills or Strategic Communication Skills Conferences

Your name as the trainer can be placed on the certificate.  For only $1.00 more per certificate, the name of the participates can be printed on the certificate.  Send email with names to


VCR Tapes/CD's/DVD's  by Dr. John Savage

These are a series of video and audio tapes that parallel and support the Listening & Caring Skills conference/book


Story Listening:  An introduction to methods adults and children use in communicating deep personal truths to another person.  Five story types are discussed.


Life Commandments This tape describes the procedures and mental processes that we use to create our deep personal belief system about ourselves, our world, our relationship with others and God.


Drop Out Track A detailed sequential description of the tracks people take from being very committed and active in a church or organization, to becoming completely inactive.  Important to understand what to do to stop the dropout problem from occurring.


Neuro-Lingusitc Programing An introduction to NLP through the dominant modes of communication (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) indicated by one's "language."  It also includes a brief overview of what eye moment can tell you about what a person is saying.


Dealing with Emotions:  Identifying why is it important for individuals to be aware of the way they respond to their own emotions.  Various options for dealing with emotions and insight to the behaviors driven by the emotions are also covered.


Why Active Members Stay Active:  Key elements that keep active members active including stages of faith and bounders to the organization.


Role Renegotiation Model:  Four stages through which all relationships move over a period of time.  This tape is helpful in understanding reconciliation behaviors and the maintenance of long-term relationships. (Available in CD only)


Closure:  This tape teaches you a step-by-step process to use in developing closure of emotions.  Stages of an interview visit are covered.  Audio tape/CD only



Listening & Caring Skills

by Dr. John Savage

Eleven specific listening skills for those wishing to improve relationships in small-groups or who counsel others.




The Apathetic and Bored Church Member

by Dr. John Savage

A look at why people become inactive in the church and eventually drop out.  Ways to prevent and correct this is also covered.




Strategies for coping with the difficult,

painful, and confusing times in your life

by William Bridges

This book has helped hundreds of thousands cope with the inevitable changes in their lives by helping them understand the process and set new priorities.


Managing Transitions

Making the Most of Change

by William Bridges

This books helps organizations deal with inevitable change by providing step-by-step strategies.  It explains how when individuals have a mental picture, a plan for and part to play in this change that resistance and disruptions are minimized.  Though written for businesses, it is applicable to any organization as churches.


Recommended Resources

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Recommended Books

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A great book as an introduction to NLP

Recommended to read before

taking NLP Courses

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