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Story Evangelism

With many similar parables (stories) Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand. He did not say anything to them without using a parable (story).


Mark 4:33,34


The Power of the Story: Story Evangelism

Margaret Slusher, President LEADPlus

 We have had a paradigm shift in the church world from the model “one-size fits all” to customization.  Yet, in this day of personalization, we still use a “one-size-fits all” method for sharing the gospel.  Personalization is not a new concept.  Jesus used it when He spoke to the people using appropriate parables.  For example, when He talked to  fishermen he spoke about fishing. 

Narrative Witnessing is a skill in which you learn to listen and understand what people are really trying to tell you, their situation, and learning modality, and then select appropriate Bible stories, parables, and/ or methods for them.  By designing your approach for witnessing based on the individual, you can become more effective in reaching and assimilating people into the church. 

An example of a personalization of witnessing is my encounter with William, a mechanic who did not go to church.   During a conversation with William, he shared a story about his wife leaving him. Using the listening skills that are taught in the Narrative Witnessing Course, I was able to peel away the layers of William’s story and discovered the underlying problem that he was having. William felt that he could not be used by God. He had given up on life to the point he was suicidal.  I shared with him the story of Elijah, a great prophet of God, who felt the same way, and yet God continue to use him.  As a result, William found a new purpose in life and a way that God could use his mechanical skills.

The same skills that are taught in Narrative Witnessing can be used to reclaim inattentive members.  Several church leaders who have used these skills have discovered that they could reclaim up to 82% of drop-outs

In this practical workshop, you will focus on applying critical communication skills to evangelism and assimilation. You will: 

§   See the importance of using Narrative Witnessing for building relationships

§   Develop story-listening skills that can help you understand the real issues individuals that people are facing (this by itself would be worth coming for)

§   Discover unintended messages that your body language is sending

§   Practice several significant rapport building techniques

§   Hear how most adults in the USA learn best through stories

§   Discover how to share the witnessing stories through their preferred learning styles

§   Learn techniques to enhance the way you witness and increase the receptivity of the prospect

You can become a more effective witness for Christ by developing these Narrative Witnessing skills.  With this course, you will get credit for the Strategic Listening Skills.

To find out more about attending this conference email us.


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